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L'Anse-a-Beaufils - this is all there is to it. Great little place...

Seal at aquarium

1958 winds came up surprisingly, sinking many fishing baots and killing many....

Walking to town, Shediac on old RR bed.

Yeo, there is a golf course out here in these old woods....

Sunrise heading for Summerside, PEI. We made it in difficult waters, but...

Crossing over the Chaleur Bay was no fun once again - the seas turned out to be worse than yesterday when we turned around, but the sun was out, somewhat versus fog, so taht part was good. The waters, while for once, were not huge chop, but were huge rollers, causing a couple of our crew to get a little sick. Once again, we left port when we probably should have stayed. For some reason, we are slow learners - LOL. Our first stop was at Shippagan, at a small marina. The folks here are great, however. John had set the autopilot all the way into the marina, so we went the entire 9 hrs without ever toughing the steering wheel, except to dock. Pretty cool, eh? It was a good thing, as that allowed us to hang on better. It is a real challenge going to the toilet when the boat is rocking like this, but we are getting better at it - LOL. We visit the aquarium here, where they have local marine life on display. They have some seals in captivity, so it was neat learning more about them. One thing we do not need to worry about for now, is the seal population. They are everywhere now. In fact, they are the cause of the cod fish population not growing. The fishing community has fished out the larger ones over the years, and the seals eat the smaller ones before they get a chance to grow. Now that seals have no commercial value (can not skin them anymore), they have no other enemies to fear. We then visit the on-site restaurant to talk to the owner who is a neat guy. He tells us about the local places to eat and hiw they work, SInce there are only 3 places in town, they coordinate their menus so that the locals can have as much variety as possible, but at the same time maintaining competition.

On July 21, we make for Escumbiac, NB. The goal was to break up our next goal of Prince Edward Island that would take us at least 4 stops to get there. This tiny place where we tied up to another wall, was fine. We see more seals and whales along the way, but we understand that seeing these critters will decline for the next several weeks. At 8:00 p.m., the security guard comes by to collect the town's fee for tying to their wall ($9). To bed early so we can leave very early again the next day. the reason we leave so early each day is due to the winds. They start blowing harder around noon, so we do our best to have smooth water. This generally works up until 10:00, and then it gradually gets rougher - except when it gets rough from the beginning - LOL. HOWEVER, today, the waters were very calm. Sue and JOhn get to play another game of scrabble while underway. Again, Sue wins. HC is able to takes naps while underway - we wish we could. We try, but we do not have too much luck. We are now at the beginning of the Northunberland Strait. PRince Edward to the east of us and New Brunswick to the west.

On 7/22, we make Shediac, NB. A really great place. John misses a buoy coming in, but the marina manager sees him thru his binoculars and calmly tells him on the radio to turn right. John says he knows what he is doing, and then within 2.6 seconds, turns the boat to the right, apologizing and thanking the marina manager all the way - LOL. Sue thinks -"Men! and their egos" - LOL. Once agin, another bad weather day. 20 kt winds, waves, rain....... will it everend. The locals every place we go say "this is the worse summer we have had in 20 yrs, but it will get better". We make a 45 minute walk to town on a path thru the woods that used to be an old railroad bed. Eat lobster for lunch and visited with locals. Also, went to a pub and drank beer and ate more with HC. Did some shopping too. The Beach Boys were her several yrs ago, and they still talk about that. Apparently over 25,000 packed into this town of just a few people, but popular with local New Brunswickers (is that what you call them?) since they have a beech here. We give the boat a good washing, its first in quite a while. We are ready for a real city, and Summerside which is enxt provides that. It has a population of over 40,000 - WOW, they might even have a real grocery store - LOL.

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