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Big screen, beds, and beer. I think the devil designed this place!!!

This morning we moved into a hotel across the road as the bungalow wasn't particularily nice and the beach was down the road from in anyway so there wasn't much point in staying there really.

The new place called the Ploy Inn is far nicer but still only GBP10.00 a night so hardly breaking the budget either.

Today we mostly spent trying to update the website however for the last week we seem to be having problems getting photo's off of the camera onto the website.

I found a way around it today but it takes a little bit longer.

We had a drink down at MR A's Coffee Bar and went on his internet for about 5 hours!

I left Em on it while I went down to Ting Tong's bar (That's it's real name!) to watch Spurs and come back to get her at half time.

We then watched the rest of the *#$%ing game and left the bar slightly less relaxed than when I had entered it! DAMN YOU SPURS!!!

We finished up the road in the Magic Garden bar and watched Transformers while the heavens opened.

We retired after that but we booked an elephant trek today for tomorrow so am quite excited about that!!


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