Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

As part of the trip we arrive to Tortuga Bay - this...

A little cove at Tortuga Bay provides a beautiful beach and calm...

As we leave a shoal of mustard rays surround our boat

The rays swim so close to the surface we got great pictures...

Tuesday arrived and we were in Puerto Ayora again!! Still we knew we would be as it was part of the itinerary, it's just a shame that we had already spent 4 days here before we went on the trip. The plan was to go to the Charles Darwin Research Centre, as we had already been we opted out and got the panga driver to take us to the main part of town instead where we enjoyed ice creams and cold drinks in the shade of a café - it was far too hot to be walking about. We returned to the Friendsh by water taxi at 12pm which was supposed to be lunchtime but lunch had been delayed slightly because they were refilling the water tanks on the boat. We went to the top deck and read our books. We noticed that the rest of the group, who were supposed to be on the boat by now where stood at the dock in the centre of town, they were supposed to be getting picked up from the dock near the Charles Darwin Research Centre. We also noticed that they seemed to be in some kind of heated debate - we watched for a while to see if we could comprehend what was going on?

The rest of the group finally came aboard the boat and the story of their day unravelled over lunch. The Charles Darwin Centre had been rather dull, and then the guide said they had to walk to the main dock in town where the panga would pick them up as the boat was being refilled with water. It's a long walk in the midday heat so they refused and the guide had to order taxis. While at the dock they bumped into the owner of the boat and haggled a day's refund for everyone because the boat hadn't been completely finished being refurbished before we boarded.

A fibreglass motorboat was hired that afternoon to take us to Tortuga Bay. Yes, we had been there before but the speedboat ride certainly beat the 45 minute walk! As we slowed down when we got to the bay we saw turtles popping their heads out of the water next to the boat and also saw 4 white tipped reef sharks at the edge of the bay.

We had our snorkelling gear with us so went for a snorkel in a small lagoon on the adjacent beach, lots of rosy cheeked fish in there. We tried snorkelling in the calm waters of Tortuga bay but the water was too murky and Helen was petrified that those white tipped reef sharks were going to creep up on her.

The speedboat returned us safely to the Friendsh, from the top of the boat we saw a school of mustard ray's lurking about.

The air conditioning was working when we got back - yippee! The owner kept to his word and gave us all a day's refund as compensation for the boat not being in ship shape - not before Rob, from California had us all in a complete panic and had a pop at the owner.

Rob had discovered that he was missing a mobile phone and a headlamp. He had moved cabins and so was frantically checking the last cabin that he was in whilst his girlfriend, Mandy, was checking through their gear in their new cabin. After Rob had no luck finding his gear in the old cabin he raised the alarm, and we all scampered off to check that our belongings weren't missing. We all congregated to confirm that none of our gear was missing, which was when Mandy found their missing, mobile and headlamp. Ooops - Rob was just in the throws of telling the owner just what he thought of his thieving crew!

Beers were in order that night before the boat set sail for Isla Rabida.

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