2020 Apple Isle Adventure travel blog

Grae and penguin friend

Looking out to The Nut at Stanley

Another great view of The Nut at Stanley

Beautiful white sandy beach

Fairy penguins


As we continued our Tasmanian touring holiday we realised that there are many quirky towns in Tasmania, Railton has gone mad with topiary and you can't move in Sheffield without seeing another amazing mural, Westbury has a very English country character and some stocks in the town's original Village Green.

Burnie is a port city with an industrial past that has reinvented itself as a vibrant and creative city on a beautiful stretch of Tasmania's north-west coast. The highlight for us was we got to see adorable Fairy Penguins at the Little Penguin Observation Centre. The volunteers at both the Tourist Information and down at the Observation Centre were very friendly and helpful.

The next day we stopped at Penguin for lunch. A picturesque seaside town with a pretty esplanade and a quirky collection of penguins on the street. Grae had a spicy penguin pie for lunch. We were relieved to learn it was actually a meat pie. It was odd seeing signs for Penguin Butchery and Penguin Cemetery.

We briefly visited Stanley which is a lovely seaside town -more about that later as we visited it twice.

We continued on to West Point near Marrawah for some free camping for the night. It was a very popular spot. We dined at the Marrawah Pub as dining options were limited. As the weather was chilly, the fire was lit. We spoke with a local station hand who works at the Cape Grim Cattle Station, he said they had 5,000 head of cattle. He said he had to go because he and his mates were going to go smoke some weed! He was about our age....

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