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Doug goes Zip-Lining


The jungle over which he will fly

Getting instructions

Gearing up

On your mark, Get set

And he's off!!

Flying over the jungles of Honduras


This is his outfit for flying face down.

He's ready for his second flight

Get in position

Putting on the wind flaps that will slow him down at the...

This is where he will land

Suspension bridge

Doug on the suspension bridge. Not as challenging as he thought it...

Elaine - friend who photographed Doug as he flew

We finally got off the boat today!!!! Temperatures in the 80's, overcast, windy, humid; not bad.

This is what the tour book says:

Honduras, so often hurried through or avoided entirely due to its dangerous image, is actually a vibrant and fascinating place with enormous amount to offer intrepid travelers. After a decade in which the country spiraled into a whirlwind of terrible violence, Honduras has very definitely begun the journey back from the abyss, and while the challenges ahead are still significant, things haven't looked this positive for years. Attractions include the Maya ruins, the pristine diving of the Bay Islands and the majestic scenery of over a dozen national parks.

We docked at the island of Roatan. It is surrounded by the world's second-largest coral reef, which houses hundreds of varieties of beautiful sea life. It is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. On land, you can find the Butterfly Park, Marble Hill Farms, the Iguana Farm and Carambola Gardens. This island is one of the Bay Islands located a few miles north of the Honduras mainland.

Beverly decided to join the Jolly Rogers Catamaran sailing and snorkeling excursion which included lunch and rum punch. Wow, the coral reefs are beautiful! It was an amazing experience.

While Doug decided to do something a little more adventuresome. He went on the Ultimate Extreme Adventure Combo. He soared through a tropical forest on two exhilarating zip-lines. It involved sitting in a harness and darting through the treetops from platform to platform. It was absolutely exhilarating as he passed over trees and through pathways cut out of the dense foliage at heart-pounding speeds. He also did the ultimate thrill on the Zuperman Zip. It is the area's only forward-facing zip-line with a special harness that allows you to fly through the air headfirst, like Superman!

Tonight for dinner, we had suckling pig!! And that's all we had!! All you can eat!

Tonight we sail for Belize!

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