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Pelicans riding the thermals over the bluffs

Sunset on the Mississippi River

Dark skies

Lights from the Twin Cities upstream

We spent our second cruise day in Red Wing because of a problem with the boat. The cruise line had to fly in a specialist from Connecticut to make the repair. Apparently it had something to do with software used to run the ship. A far cry from the steamboats of Mark Twain's day.

There were some excursions hurriedly scheduled for the day in Red Wing, but we decided to stay on board, relax, and eat. As with most cruises there's always plenty to eat and drink.

The plans were to get underway at 9:00PM and head downstream to Lacrosse, WI where we will spend a shorter day that was originally planned. We finally pulled away from the dock tonight at about 10:00PM. Once out on the river, I went to the top deck to look at the stars and take some pictures. I was surprised at how dark it was on the river. Since the moon hadn't risen yet, I thought I would try to capture the stars and Milky Way. I wasn't very successful because of the ship's movement and a slightly vibrating deck. I posted a couple of images anyway to give an impression of the night sky on the Mississippi River.

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