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Waterfalls along the fjord






Docked and off on our tour


Winding our way up the mountain

Looking into the valley

Anne is so happy to see all this beautiful scenery

A lot of RV traffic going down into Skjolden

Amazing engineering to build this road

Mountain lakes


Glacier in distance



Capturing the glacier






The face of the glacier

Refreshment break at glacier site




Markers for the trail

Winding, twisty road




The road

Tallest mountain in Norway - Sognefjellet







Back to the ship

Open deck bar-b-q


Tom with the captain and hotel manager







Dining in the fjord

A grand day!

As we entered the fjord in the middle of the night, the sea calmed down markedly. However, there was still a lot of the steep, rocky, waterfall shore to enjoy as we headed toward our dock. We boarded a bus to tour the area and see the highest mountain in Norway (if the clouds cooperated). There are a lot of green valleys and in the sumer, the Norwegians take full advantage the warmer (60 F+) weather and with daylight almost 24 hours long, many crops grow quickly. We saw many motorhomes descending the road which was very narrow. There was a campground in Skjolden and ferry boats to take them to other destinations.

Along the route, there were numerous lakes which fed the waterfalls into the valley. Our guide had been an engineer and told us of the marvelous job done in the 1930’s to build the snaking, curvy , switch back road we were on. It was still the original pavement! The labor had been provided by the Norwegian government to give jobs to the out of work citizens - much like the WPA in the USA.

When we reached the peak, where the glaciers were receding there was a snack of waffles and jam waiting for us at a new, modern building. The clouds did not really cooperate and we only got a fleeting view of the Sognefjellet mountain. We returned following the same route and arrived in time for the open deck bar-b-q. It was one of our most wonderful days.

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