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Sunrise view from our room


Post Office

Houses across the harbor

Sailors Island without rain or fog

Saint Pierre Airline

Today was a travel day to Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS). Our ride to the airport was at 8:30, and breakfast began at 7:30, so we set the alarm for 6:30. I got up before the alarm and saw a strange site in the sky - a big yellow bright light! I also could see things in the distance I have not seen before - there was no fog! Hallelujah!

We were the first couple at breakfast and had a nice homemade breakfast (ham & cheese omelette for me, and Jean had French toast again). I finalized my packing and took it downstairs, while Jean would come down later. I ran outside to take a few pictures in the morning light.

We were then driven the five minute ride to the airport by the owner of our hotel. There was a short line for Saint Pierre Airline tickets, security was quick, and we did not wait too long to board. This time, all of the rows were clear for passengers, and there were only one or two seats empty. We left at the scheduled time of 9:30. They supplied us with a drink and your choice of a plain croissant or a chocolate croissant during the flight. We landed at 10:00, due to the time change. Now we are only one hour ahead of home again.

By the time we walked the mile and a half to Halifax passport control and passed through, our luggage was already out. We then found the Park and Fly shuttle to our car. At the car we emptied our small carry-on suitcases, repacked the large suitcases (in one we placed all of the laundry), left the carry-ons in the trunk, and hopped the next shuttle back to the airport. We then hailed a taxi for our drive to the Hotel Atlantica. We had a small accident slow us down a little, but we still arrived at the hotel at 11:40. We had to wait about ten minutes for our room to be ready (we thought we would just leave our luggage) and then we went up to our room.

We put everything down, took a breather for a few minutes, then we were off to the Bluenose laundromat which was a few blocks away. Yeah, clean clothes! We were done and back at the hotel by 2:00.

We saw our tour guide, Kim in the lobby and checked in with her. We were behind another couple in line, and while waiting we met the couple from Arizona and talked with them. Then we received our packet and marching orders from Kim. We returned to our room to sort and repack our luggage with our fresh laundry, iron, refresh and relax before deciding on what to do for dinner.

We went out on Quinpool Road next to the hotel where there are many various ethnic restaurants. We decided on Bi One Korean BBQ restaurant. We were the only ones in the restaurant at 4:30, but by 5:15 it was packed. We ordered two appetizers and two entrées. There was more than enough food served. You do not walk away hungry from this place.

On the walk back, we stopped at TD Bank for more Canadian money, and at a coffee shop that had some desserts. I got a scone and Jean got a donut to enjoy back in our room. We then plotted our next couple of days on how to spend our free time, and of course, watched Jeopardy.

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