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Turning north from I-70 to CO 139 at Loma

CO 139 crosses a section of low adobe hills

Looking back at the switchbacks as we climb Douglas Pass

Traffic ahead as we near the top of the pass

Looking back at the upper section of the climb from the top...

Dust across the road from our trailer due to high wind (30...

Sunset 1

Sunset 2

The Tank


Days 20-23—Friday – Monday June 15 – 18, 2018

Friday June 15, 2018

Friday we moved from Montrose to Rangely, Colorado where Maryann had a reservation for a recording Monday morning in the Tank and a practice session during open mike time Saturday morning—one of our major objectives for this year’s trip.

We pulled out of the Centennial RV Park on US 550 ten miles south of Montrose and headed north at 9:15 am. Our route (162 miles) was north on US 550 to the intersection with US 50 in Montrose and US 50 from there to Grand Junction on US 50. At Grand Junction we fueled at the Pilot Truck Stop and Brian also filled our DEF tank.

From Grand Junction we transitioned to I-70/US 50 to Loma, Colorado where we exited to CO 139 and headed north to Rangely. CO 139 crosses Douglas Pass; though not high, there is a 7% grade up (or down) the south side; which we had to climb.

Before we reached the foot of the pass we encountered a section where the road was being resurfaced—and a 30 minute delay; we were fortunate not be delayed at a second section of one lane traffic where they were painting new stripes and installing guard rails. (Brian waved the small vehicles around us before starting after the delay—anticipating the steep climb ahead).

The steep grade is about 2.5 miles with numerous switchbacks—our new truck pulled the new trailer (about 14,000 lbs.) up the hill with no problems—though Brian used a turn-out to allow some cars that had some up behind to pass. The north side of the pass is also rather steep but much shorter.

We arrived at the Buck & Bull RV Park (name for deer & elk males) at 2:00 pm. Wind from the west was gusting to 30 mph and raising dust from truck yards near the RV Park. High clouds provided a colorful sunset that evening.

Saturday June 16, 2019

The Tank opened at 9:00 am for open mike: anyone could use it for an hour. Maryann wanted to practice and I would record it with her camera on a tripod.

When we arrived about 8:45 am the gate to the Tank was still closed. Shortly a car pulled up and parked on the shoulder of the road; the driver stayed in the car; she opened the gate at 9:00 am.

After we parked we found a group removing large gongs and other instruments from the Tank—their recording session Friday night had been delayed due to a barking dog. We waited about an hour for them to finish before we could have the Tank.

With the camera on the tripod Brian recorded Maryann as she sang several songs; the camera limited the recording time to twenty minutes. When she finished we went back to the trailer and listened to the results. The sounds seemed much different from last year. We also learned that certain songs yielded better results so Maryann changed the list she wanted to perform during Monday’s session.

Sunday June 17, 2018

We went to church in the morning and spent the remainder of the day in the trailer—so much better that our old trailer.

Monday June 18, 2018

We were at the Tank at 9:00 am. The team set up the mikes--two hanging on a rope from the center of the roof at different heights above the floor and three on the floor around the performance area.

The recording technician supervised the arrangement and coached Maryann on phasing; after several practice sets Maryann recorded four songs.

The results were impressive—the Tank manager asked Maryann if she would authorize them to use “Amazing Grace” in their online examples.

We returned to the trailer and listened to the recording; we were thinking of posting one in a journal entry but could not due to the recording format—highest quality which produces very large digital files. We don’t have the software to translate them to a format suitable for the journal (which would also degrade the quality).

We leave for Utah tomorrow.

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