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2018-05-05. Cinco de Mayo

We arrived yesterday at Delaware Seashore State Park along the Indian River inlet, a campground we stay each year. Since it was 90 degrees yesterday in Virginia, we assumed that it would be equally warm here but...as usual, we encountered strong winds and cool temperatures though it was sunny. The campground is fairly full because it is a weekend and there is a fishing tournament as well. Today, when walking the beach, the trucks were parked side by side for about a half mile down the beach and the sand resembled a forest with hundreds of fishing rods bent like twigs moving with the tide and wind. We saw the fishermen catching a lot of skates but no fish. I have swum in the Atlantic ocean many times but never really given much thought to how many skates there are in the shallow waters along the beaches. It was quite a surprise to see how many were caught (and released) in the short time we walked the tournament section of the beach.

The dunes are in full bloom with beach plums and another sweetly fragrant bush perfuming the air with their flashy blooms. In the salt marsh, hundreds of birds called to each other and the red-winged blackbirds were everywhere. We saw black bellied plovers, great egrets, willets, song sparrows and of course, every platform was occupied by one or two osprey in a nest with many more perched on posts, in the air or diving in the water in search of food. Here and everywhere we have been on this trip, osprey were as common as the robin.

Today is Cinco de Mayo so we went to Bethany Blues, a ribs and BBQ place in Bethany Beach for their celebration. We sampled a flight of three grades of Hornitos tequila and decided that we preferred the "lowest" grade, the reposado, rather than the Black Barrel "good stuff". Cheap drunks, what can I say?

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