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Live Band Friday Night in Outdoor Pavilion

Magnolia Blossom

We survived spring break and we're smiling this morning as we watch all the rigs leave. I have "The Ants Go Marching One By Oneā€¦" song in my head as they leave, one right after another, just like a train. We can't wait to have the campground to ourselves again (just us seniors). This year was much busier than past years, maybe because of the new waterpark. We spent the week searching for graves, and Bill continued working on the front end and on his 50th high school reunion plans, while I started a new series of drawing classes online. I still need a LOT more practice drawing, so I'm back to using graphite (pencils) for a bit. They are probably the easiest (and certainly the cheapest) medium. The magnolia blossom is from a class on tone (shading). I plan to take another look at this a year from now and hopefully see my progress. Our friends Mike and Kathy from Palisade are heading down here Tuesday. They plan on being here sometime Thursday afternoon. I know how tired they'll be after all that driving, so I'm going to set up the crockpot that morning. They have reserved a site just a few spots over from us. The spring break rig that was parked in their site has left, so I'm going to send them a photo of the empty site today. They have never been down here before, so we will be taking them on road trips. We've never had friends come down before, and we're really looking forward to having them here. Mike and Bill went to high school together, and Kathy and Mike were high school sweethearts. The plan is for both us to leave here the 2nd or 3rd of April and head for Carlsbad, NM. Kathy has always wanted to see it, and it is spectacular. We head home from there. I haven't taken any nature photos all week - nature ran/crawled/flew away when all the people came. But they always come back. Since the Rec center was full of kids Friday, we had to play beanbag baseball outside. It was in the mid 80's and humid, but on the bright side, I made 2 bases! WooHoo! It's been a very unusual winter and spring. Winter was longer and colder than usual, and now spring so far has been very dry. This is the beginning of severe weather season down here, you'd never know it by the forecasts. I have a new story today that falls under the category of 'You never really know people'. You might remember me talking last year about an old man and his German Shepherd that were here in the campground. His name was Charles, and the dog was Rusty. We would stop and talk to him most nights when we took our evening walk. Charles was from Florida but had come here to get some kind of special cancer treatment at the nearby veterans' hospital. He was alone and loved to chat with fellow campers. Rusty was cautiously friendly, but very protective of Charles, and got into a leash-tangled scuffle with Mojo after pawing him - trying to get Mo to play. Mo got mad, and mayhem began. Rusty pinned Mo on his back, totally freaking him out. That resulted in Mo biting a hole through my fingernail when I separated them. Back to Charles. He was someone you had to feel sorry for, being sick and only having Rusty for companionship. He didn't come back this winter, and we'd wondered if maybe he'd passed away from the cancer. We were chatting with Rick (one of the staff here) a few days ago, and he happened to mention an old guy with a shepherd that used to stay here. We told Rick that we used to visit with him on our walks. Rick asked us if we ever saw Charles with shorts on. We thought about it and only remembered him wearing long khaki pants, even on the hottest of days. Rick said there was a reason for that. Charles wore an ankle bracelet. He had either been convicted or charged with some sort of crime in the past. Apparently, before he left Florida for Kerrville in the fall of 2016, he assaulted someone with a weapon and torched their barn (with all their horses inside). He must have gotten away with it for a while. Rick thinks the court initially allowed him to come here for his treatments, but when the police finally linked him to those latest crimes, they came here and arrested him. I imagine Rusty was put down, since he wasn't friendly with strangers. He sure had us both fooled. You just never know.

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