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When you can't find a store front, make one!

The mixture of the old and new architecture is fascinating

16th Street Pedestrian Mall is very popular

Free shuttle on 16th St Mall in background - they run constantly

Our favorite store on 16th St

Vainly looking down the tracks for our train

Omaha, NE Jim is still on a high from all the congratulations and thank you’s he got for “saving” the trip for us by finding an alternate route to Estes Park when we were told the road was closed. It is hard for him to give that up and say farewell to our fellow travelers as they all scatter to various parts of the country: Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Connecticut, Michigan and Indiana. We are the only ones from Nebraska and, apparently, the only ones to arrive and depart by train. Thus, we were almost the last to leave the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder. We were efficiently shuttled from Boulder to Union Station in Denver but then had plenty of time to ourselves to wander along the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall before our scheduled train departure at 7:10 pm. Naturally we showed up to the station early and got in the line designated for boarding. The Amtrak app listed the train as on time so we expected to arrive in Omaha by 5 am. We should not have been so optimistic. As the departure time came and went, we (all those waiting) went looking for answers for the delay. That answer was about the last thing we had ever expected. There was a body on the tracks! Apparently one of the homeless people wandered onto the track and was killed. When we have an adventure, we really have unusual ones! Such an event requires lots of bureaucracy, including a 3-man investigative team. We finally boarded and were on our way 2 hours later than expected. We ran through heavy rain but, other than that, had fairly smooth sailing. It is good to be home again.

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