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Stonehenge - The other side

Salisbury Cathedral - Main entrances to the right

Baptismal Font - Main alter is far behind

Baptismal Font

Main Alter - dressed up for Easter

Notice the bend in the pillar - One of four supporting the...

At the front looking toward the entrance

Large courtyard on the opposite side of the first picture

One of the gates thru the wall around Salisbury Cathedral

One of the many priest's houses inside the wall around the Cathedral

Janet outside part of the wall around Salisbury Cathedral

Detail above the front entrance

Southampton is a short hop across the English Channel. Our tours here are Stonehenge and the Salisbury Cathedral. I have read so much about Stonehenge that I just had to see it. Many people would dismiss it as just a pile of stones. Since it predates written history, understanding it requires a lot of educated guessing. I think we don't give these ancestors enough credit. After all they moved these stones, weighing over a hundred tons, miles to this site. A fete similar to the construction of the pyramids in Egypt.

We ate lunch at a tavern near a military airbase, interesting vegetarian stroganoff and beer from a local brewery. Service did not meet the cruise lines's expectations and they refunded us $40 US. I didn't think it was all that bad; at least we had great company for lunch. Our fellow cruise passengers were the most interesting people.

After lunch we toured Salisbury Cathedral built in less than 150 years. This is uncharacteristic of European cathedrals. It was built for priests and all of the houses inside the wall around the cathedral were for priests. There are many people buried inside this cathedral, including the step brother of King Richard III. Burials began in the 14th century and continued through the 18th century.

One of the four existing copies of the Magna Carta is on display in this church. The lettering is very small and of course I could not read it. Actually we were hustled through the exhibit quickly. You hardly get more than a glance.

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