Following Hurricane Matthew - Winter 2017 travel blog

Ken has impeccable timing. His alarm had us up and on the road as the first rays of sun rose above the palm trees at our campsite. We pulled into the motel here as the last remnants of light disappeared behind the mountains. Eleven hours of travel - something we never do in the motor home when he does all the driving, but not a big deal when I can provide him with some relief. Leaving on a Sunday was a good idea. When we drove through northern Orlando the roads were empty and Atlanta mid afternoon was not too bad either, except for an accident that had taken out a lane. When we reverse this drive after Christmas, it will probably be during the week, which could add to the driving time. Gas fill-ups have been amazingly cheap - $1.86/gallon here. We were remembering the days in the mid 1970's when gas shortages had us wondering if our traveling days would end long before we retired. The temperature has dropped drastically. The parka I brought along will feel good tomorrow. The cold is beginning to convince us that summer is truly over and that we should be in a holiday mood.

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