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I would never have gone to a modern art gallery, but this...

This painting is Las Vegas, and the use of water. But see...


It's a shark? NO, it's a golf bag with a vacuum cleaner...

Another Golf Bag shark..LOL

This next piece was so realistic that you waited for her to...


I was so moved by this young girl's words, that I had...



Why would you stick all that stuff on a canvas? That because...

This next one is one of my favorites. What a great idea



One of my new friends


The WIN crew, check out the painting behind them

WIN olympian Linda playing frisbee golf....not good....LOL

Garth and I got the worst players it!!

We came back to Roswell to go to a balloon festival and Cinco de Mayo. The wind and the weather were so bad that we decided not to go to the festival. A couple of the WINS did go and crew for some of the balloons and got to ride in them.

We decided to go to the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art. The art gallery is unique because it supports the Roswell Artist in Residency Program. Outside of town on 50 acres, a cluster of house-studio and shared buildings, house artists and their families. Along with a monthly living allowance, the artists are given "the gift of time" to produce their works without worry of how they are going to live. The program was established by Donald B. Anderson, an artist in his own right, in 1967, and has housed more than 220 artists.

I was not that enthused about going to a modern art museum, but I have to say, "it was the most fun I had on that leg of the trip. It was great!!"

Most of the pictures are self explanatory. The picture of the woman laying in the water was amazing. It was so life-like that you expected her to start moving. When you look at the picture of the umbrella and the cardboard stuck on a canvas, you have to ask yourself why in the heck someone would do that and call it art? That is..until you realize that the whole thing is a painting and it is an optical illusion!!

I felt like a kid in a candy store, looking at some of this art and discovering unique things about some of the works.

The last day of out stay we had a "WIN Olympics", which consisted of ladder golf, water balloon toss, and Frisbee golf. My partner, Garth, and I were not too adept at any of them, and were awarded the "Worst players" award...LOL. It was great!!

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