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Carpes boondocking under the Lake Charles bridge

Driving thru Houston #1

Driving thru Houston #2

Driving thru Houston #3
The folks in the red car are are about...

Interstate 10 near Bayport TX

Milemarker 880 on I 10 in east Texas

Welcome to Louisiana

Lake Charles bridge
We're boondocking next to that bridge

Entrance to Isle of Capri Casino

Sat, 20 Feb: Back on the road again...

We arose early and got things ready for the road. Since we've been sitting for six days we took our time going thru the check lists to ensure that nothing gets omitted. Yesterday was a nice day so we did all the outside chores, e.g. check tire pressure, engine oil, add water to the fresh water tank & stow the hose, clean the windshield, etc.

Once the check lists were complete we started the engine, built up the air pressure and inflated the air bags, and connected the car. Sandi rolled wheels at 0812 and headed out on FM 1890 to TX 71 south and on I 10 east. As we continued east the traffic increased and more lanes got added to the interstate. All too soon we were in Katy, the western part of Houston, and in the midst of the Saturday morning traffic.

Driving thru Houston is never an enjoyable chore. While not horribly bad, this morning's drive was a white-knuckler as usual. Eventually tho, all things must come to an end and we found ourselves in Bayport where we pulled into Buc-ees for fuel.

We didn't need much diesel, we only took 23 gallons, but at $1.689/gallon it was too good to pass. Besides, the lot was huge with ample room to maneuver. Bob helped Sandi pry her fingers from the steering wheel so he could take the helm for the balance of the trip.

Back on I 10 Bob continued to "play" in the east Texas traffic. The run from Bayport to the state line is loaded with mighty aggressive drivers whose antics continued to amaze us. At mile marker 880 we left Texas and entered Louisiana. At 12:30 we arrived at Lake Charles where we're boondocking at the Isle of Capri Casino parking lot.

Today's run was 220 miles with a fuel economy just shy of 8½ mpg.

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