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Dodge City, KS - Gunsmoke RV Park - site 88

Dodge City, KS - Gunsmoke RV Park - site 88, another view

Dodge City, KS - Gunsmoke RV Park - site 88, and another

Oakley to Dodge City, KS - our route - 139 miles

Oakley to Dodge City, KS 1 - a processing plant of some...

Oakley to Dodge City, KS 2 - they still use windmills to...

Oakley to Dodge City, KS 3 - we saw a lot more...

Oakley to Dodge City, KS 4

Oakley to Dodge City, KS 5 - lots of trees around the...

Oakley to Dodge City, KS 6 - we did see a few...

Oakley to Dodge City, KS 7 - these are some of the...

Oakley to Dodge City, KS 8 - a huge wind farm covering...

Oakley to Dodge City, KS 9 - these are the big ones...

Oakley to Dodge City, KS 10 - can't haul these in pickups...

Oakley to Dodge City, KS 11 - coming into Dodge City

Downtown Dodge City 1

Downtown Dodge City 2

Downtown Dodge City 3 - brick streets still in use throughout town

Downtown Dodge City 4

Downtown Dodge City 5

Downtown Dodge City 6 - Wyatt Earp statue

Mueller-Schmidt House front

Mueller-Schmidt House side

Boot Hill Museum 1 - the old Fort Dodge jail - 2...

Boot Hill Museum 2

Boot Hill Museum 3 - the story of how the Fort Dodge...

Boot Hill Museum 4 - Boot Hill

Boot Hill Museum 5

Boot Hill Museum 6

Boot Hill Museum 7

Boot Hill Museum 8 - one of the newspaper reports

Boot Hill Museum 9 - an old schoolhouse

Boot Hill Museum 10 - the organ in the church

Boot Hill Museum 11 - and the piano

Boot Hill Museum 12 - the storefronts

Boot Hill Museum 13 - gotta have an outhouse

Boot Hill Museum 14 - the cadillac version, a two-holer

El Capitan 1

El Capitan 2

El Capitan 3

El Capitan 4

Feed lot on the way to the Coronado Cross

The Coronado Cross

Our trip from Oakley to Dodge City, KS was another 139 miles of Kansas farm land. It did seem there was more sorghum than corn on this trip. There really wasn't much else to see on the trip - just lots of farmland and cows.

We are staying at the Gunsmoke RV Park which has a large section in the back with long, 50 amp, full hookup pull-throughs that are wider than usual and easy to get into and out of. The sites used to be side-by-side hookups with your neighbor sharing the utility area but now they have closed all of those opposing sites, let the grass grow in them and the area they used are now your site so your site is twice as large as it once was. We also have great Verizon and many of the sites have satellite access but you need to request them when reserving.

We watched a lot of football over the weekend and there were some really good games played, both pro and college.

Monday was tourist day and we hit the road. First up was the Mueller-Schmidt House, also known as the Home of Stone. It is also the oldest home still in its original place in Dodge City. It is only open for touring until August so we didn't get to go inside.

We then went to the Boot Hill Museum which is actually on the same property as the old boot hill. This is one of the best museums we have been to. We have kind of got burned out on museums so they have to be somewhat different for us to enjoy them. This was that. It had a short movie about the reason Dodge City ever existed, mostly because of the Santa Fe Trail, and its violent past and then you visited the old boot hill and a plains museum which was very well done covering that time period as well. A visit to replicas of all the old stores was then in order with each of them also offering displays of the past.

We next traveled a couple of blocks away and saw El Capitan, which is a large sculpture of a longhorn bull representing the influence of the long trail rides from Texas to Dodge City with the cattle drives. Dodge City is still one of the major beef producing areas in the country.

After that a short drive east of town took us to the Coronado Cross, which was erected to commemorate the crossing of the Arkansas river by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado in 1541 while searching for the fabled cities of gold.

We then came back to the Mothership to prepare her for our trip tomorrow to the small town of Canton, OK next to Canton Lake in NW Oklahoma where we will visit the Canadian COE park.

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