Our Adventure in Spain and Portugal 2015 travel blog

Our TAP airliner

Flying north

Meeting our Classic Journey's guide, Susana

Porto is on the coast

A fort


Tall tower

Our group of 12

Ceramic tiles to help reduce the dinginess in this seaside city



In the train station

A long tunnel


The Cathedral


Narrow streets

Eiffel built this bridge

A traditional boat

Porto, Portugal 10/4/2015

The Classic Journeys segment of our trip began today as we flew from Lisbon to the more northern city of Porto. We met our group and headed to the ocean into which the Douro River flows. We saw a fort along the shore. In the rain, as we were boarding the bus, Anne took a nasty fall and probably fractured a rib which made deep breathing painful. Since there is really nothing to do for such an injury, we continued on with the walking tour of Porto. The buildings are rather dingy from the ocean atmosphere and many are faced with ceramic tiles to fend off this erosion. We stopped in the train station where there is a three kilometer tunnel. There was the mandatory visit to the Cathedral followed by a long walk down (and we mean DOWN) a narrow street. We headed back to the bus and onward to our hotel where we had a buffet dinner.

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