EUROPE2015 The trilogy begins in the north travel blog

The stairs here are steep and luggage is a challenge.

On the way to the Rijks Museum.

This is one of the only free toilets in town.

The closer you get the grander it looks.

Inside they have lots to look at.

And lots of doors to go through.

And, reminders to keep our voices low.

We splurged on lunch but it was worth it.

Rembrandt gets a lot of play around here.

You might recognize this one.

but, the flowers always seem to steel the show.

Your might have seen this place on the Amazing Race. It was...

Our next stop is the Royal Palace of the Netherlands

The chandeliers are massive. I prayed the were installed well when taking...

The entry gives an idea what is to come.

On our way home we see some interesting sites. Quack

The firetrucks are small here so they can get down the narrow...

This roofer should get hazard pay.

Our flat is a welcome site.

The view from one of our windows.

Day two is the start of our quest to see as many museums as possible. We purchased a museum card for the Netherlands and it covers over 100 sites. I guess we might have set our sites a bit high.

Our first stop is the Rijks Museum then on to the Royal Palace of the Netherlands. For some reason we thought we could see more than this in one day but, it was not to be.

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