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Walkabout Pub sign 'Crocodile Dundee Pub'

Crocodile Dundee Pub

Pub wall - Rolf Harris artwork behind bars

Picture on Wall at Crocodile Dundee Pub

On wall at Crocodile Dundee Pub

Crocodile Dundee Pub camp - cuppa time

Red dirt and termite moulds

Corella Dam - our view

Corella Dam

Corella Dam Red Claw

Mt Isa mines

Mt Isa - Mining statue

Mt Isa - Di feeding our neighbour

Mt Isa - Pete (horse whisperer)

Mt Isa country

After leaving Winton we headed further west along some very dry flat land in the direction of Mt Isa but had to kill some time as Mt Isa is booked out this weekend with their Rodeo so we called into Walkabout Creek Hotel in McKinlay Qld. It's the Crocodile Dundee Pub. It was actually located 500 metres from where it now stands during the filming of Crocodile Dundee. The pubs owner moved it onto the highway as tourist wouldn't go off the main road to visit it.

Anyway we stopped, camped outback, met two other couples camping on either side of us, started chatting and the six of us ended up having dinner together in the pub. We had a great night. There was so much to look at on the walls of the pub. One item caught my eye, it was a drawing by Rolf Harris and it was housed behind bars, I thought it was rather fitting with Rolf's current predicament.

After we farewelled the Walkabout Creek Hotel we saw lots of terracotta coloured termite moulds, not huge in size and quiet a few had been dressed up by passer-by's in different clothes, mostly T-shirts. I want to take a photo of a good one.

We collected supplies at Cloncurry and headed up further to Corella Dam free bush camp. It is so dry up this way but there is actually water in the dam. We selected a shady spot under some trees with a view of the dam. It's a great place. We thought it would be packed due to the rodeo in Mt Isa but there was heaps of spots around the water. We met up with Pete's mate Ben and wife Julie who are also camping here, they have been on the road for several months and are going in the opposite direction to us. Pete and I visited their camp for a chat, a spot right on the waters edge.

Pete built a camp fire each night, its very peaceful sitting next to the fire, watching the flames and looking up at the stars. There were lots of camp fires burning throughout the camp area, it looked good. In the morning Pete fires it up again and boils the billy once more. Our solar is working a treat and I love my ensuite, it sure makes free camping easier. The battery operated shower does the trick, we don't use it every day as water is precious and what's a bit of dirt between friends.

We have done a bit of walking around the dam and camp area and have discovered so many areas to set up camp, however we are very happy with our spot. I love waking up, looking out the window at nature and beautiful scenery. I am glad I'm in a caravan as opposed to a tent, that's a bit close to nature for my liking. I got my first tick yesterday on my neck, Pete operated and removed it, must have just got on as it was very small. I'm sure there will be many more on this trip. We haven't been hassled by fleas or mozzies yet but that is a joy we will have to face pretty soon.

Ben had a trap in the dam for red claw, today he got three red claw plus a small turtle who was in the trap yesterday as well. Pete said he was a happy little turtle, not shy at all, they let him free both days. On the other hand the red claw found their way into the cooking pot and tasted very nice. Pete did a nice job with the cooking and we all had a taste.

The next morning Ben came over to our camp to say farewell, he had also checked his trap and found four turtles in it along with three red claw and some shrimp. He released the turtles and gave us the red claw and shrimp and we accepted graciously and Pete cooked them for breakfast. Yum!

After breakfast we also headed out and travelled to Mt Isa through iron ore rich mountainous country. It is nice being in the bush but also nice to be in civilisation. We camped in a caravan park and spent two days washing, looking around town and just enjoying ourselves.

Our site at the caravan park backed onto a paddock holding horses and one was very friendly and let us stroke him and feed him bread. We enjoyed that and so did he.

We both like Mt Isa and the weather has been great for us in comparison to Sydney where my daughter said it was freezing. We bought a cute little cast iron camp oven to go in our baby webber, we tried it out with roast vege's and it was fantastic.

We are now going to be heading into some very hot temperatures and need our fridge to work well so Pete set up a little fan inside our fridge to hopefully help circulate the air and improve the efficiency

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