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Val White Installing New Officers

2015 Officers - VP Annette Dean, President Larry Hemeon, Secretary Mikail Davenport...

Annette, Larry H, Janie, Donette, Stuart, Bruce and Ethel

Betty Wendler, Betty Bennett and Carolyn Nottleson

Doris Kolackovsky, Larry Hemeon and Janie Cummings

Mikail Davenport and Ruth Stehling

Pat Shaw and Jeanette Lowell

Val White and Donette Harpole

This morning I had a follow-up visit with my cardiologist at Seton Hays Hospital in Kyle. He said that my occasional irregular heartbeats are not life threatening but that an ablation most likely would cure it. The procedure has a 98% cure rate. I told him that I have enough to deal with right now. I’d probably want a second opinion for this anyway.

From Kyle I drove on to San Marcos to the Canyon Trail RV Resort where my Cen-Tex LoW chapter members are having a campout this weekend. I visited with them until about six o’clock and then drove back to Austin. It was so good to see all my friends and to meet the three newest members, who have joined since the last time I was able to attend a campout in March. I’ll be glad when I am strong enough to attend an entire campout in my motorhome.

There was a lot going on at this campout. We collected toys, clothes and cash to give to the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center. We donate to them every December. We also gave the Camper of the Year award to Mikail Davenport and installed the 2015 officers. Larry Hemeon is the new president, Annette Dean is vice president, Ruth Stehling is treasurer and Mikail Davenport is secretary. After the installation we had a “Chinese” gift exchange. I received a nice little note pad that’s just the right size to fit in my purse. And, last but least, Donette Harpole distributed our chapter’s cookbook, something that we had been anticipating. She had compiled all the recipes that members had contributed and had it published.

It was cloudy all day but not cold. Occasionally it drizzled a bit.

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