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For her April Fool's joke Mother Nature sent gusty winds that we have never experienced except in the midst of a strong thunderstorm. As we drove south from the Grand Canyon, we got pistol whipped by the wind and the bright blue sky turned pink from all the dust swirling around. When we turned east the situation did not improve. The snow capped San Francisco peaks in the Flagstaff area are barely visible from here, even though we are only sixty miles away. In the clear air of Arizona, visibility twice that distance is common. We were thinking about heading toward Santa Fe, which would have been a longer drive than we usually do in a day, but the wind persuaded us to stop much sooner before we blew off the road entirely.

We are camped at Homolovi State Park, which is here because of Indian ruins found on site. We're read that there are oodles of old pottery shards laying about, but quite frankly we've hardly gotten out of the car. It feels like the wind gusts could blow the contact lenses right out of my eyes. The nearby town of Winslow made famous by the Eagles song, looks poor without much to offer tourists like us besides a grocery stock up.

The wind forecast for tomorrow is not much better for tomorrow. This is not a spot where we would prefer to linger, but safety is #1.

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