A Two Sister Trip - Summer 2013 travel blog

My sister was only 13 when we married and I moved away from home. And when she married the distance really grew. First she lived in Seattle and for most of her life 800 miles away from us here. We always did our best to stay in touch, but work and family obligations got in the way. These days with out peripatetic lifestyle, we are occasionally continents apart. So it feels so very good to be in a campground just a few miles from her home. It's a lovely spot on a lake and we have stayed here before, but it's always a bit nerve wracking when we make plans, because the campground does not take reservations.

But as we suspected, the week after Labor Day most people are back at work and we had our pick of sites. We will spend a few days visiting with my sis and her husband and then her children and grandchildren will arrive for a long awaited family reunion. We especially look forward to meeting our newest grandnephew for the first time.

We have brought my sister five boxes of our mother's china, a book our dad wanted both of us to read, and a bottle of cream soda, an elixir not available in these parts. And we will savor a few days of just being together.

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