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Le Champ de Mars and such

Le Champs de élysées

Rue Cler Open Market

Drummers and dancers

Today was a very productive day even though it was quite chilly. We awoke to loud drumming and chanting at 8am. We quickly made breakfast so we could leave and investigate where the music was coming from. Once we left our flat we headed down our street and discovered a marathon was actually taking place right around the corner from our place. The drumming was from an African dance troupe

we stopped and observed briefly. We determined the next move was to check out the Rue Cler Market, it was on several different lists "sights"' "things to do", etc.

it was quite the site to see. After checking our map we found that the Eiffel Tower was nearby and determined we would go check it out.

The marathon was drawing to close and it was nearing noon so it was time for a light snack. I had escargot and a Nutella crepe with cup of tea. Will had shrimp cocktail and a sugar crepe with a cup of tea. Seeing that the day was young and somewhat warm (60 degrees, cloudy, and slight wind) we hightailed it over the Champs de élysées. My jacket I initially brought with me for the beginning of our trip to the cote d Azur is only 3/4 lengths. I was freezing! After taking a few pictures of the Arc de triumph we strolled down the champs de élysées. I remembered from my earlier trip in 2001 with SHHS MARCHING BAND that the champs de élysées had several options for apparel. I was overjoyed when we stumbled on a H & M, not only was it several floors but, it had some fall/winter coats!!! I promptly found one that would satisfy my needs both here in Paris and back in the states.

. score! I will be wearing it tomorrow during our next adventure.

Dinner was leftovers from yesterday with the addition of a fresh baguette. I think even though I haven't had time to work out on this vacation walking over 10,000 steps daily in the south of France and today over 25,000 I may be okay lol. While I'm finishing up this post Will is attempting to washer clothes in our mini washer/dryer in our kitchenette, for some reason the dryer wants to just steam and not dry the clothes. Hmmm, another adventure! Only 3 days left until we must be rudely awakened by reality. Sigh! Don't worry we are making all 72 hours count! Catch ya later!

Chelci & Will

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