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fly catcher

fly catcher on my head

box fish

Feb. 12

Today I believe I spent more time IN the water than out. After breakfast we headed out for Sullivan beach on Santiago Island. It's a lava field. Nothing but black rock for miles and really interesting to walk on and check out the various patterns in the rock.. Otto shared lots of geologic wisdom and we learned much more about the formation of the islands. A little fly catcher was flying around and I was just about to take a photo as it lighted on Kelsey's shoulder when it decided to fly away....and land on my head. It sat there for a little while and apparently thought my hair would make nice nesting material. Randy thought maybe it found some bugs to eat. Nice.

We put on masks and fins and again went snorkeling where we saw the usual parrot fish, surgeon fish, angel fish and also lots of star fish and urchins. A high light was an eel and a bright blue, very pretty pacific box fish.

Back on the boat to sail off for Rabida Island. After lunch Kelsey asked if we could swim as it's so hot so I decided to join her and we swam around the boat until it was time to get in the pangas again. Rabida is completely different again with lots of cactus, the holy white tree, more very friendly finches, a brackish pond and lots of great views of surrounding islands.

Again the snorkel gear came out and we decided to swim back to the boat. On the way we saw lots of pretty fish including a giant hawk fish and mexican hog fish, 5 of us made it. The rest got picked up by the panga as the current was very strong. It was quite a work out and I got a nice cramp in my foot but again I was the last one out of the water. Shirley suggested I grow gills. Nice.

Again we were all in bed by 9 pm. It's crazy how tired all this time outside makes me.

Randy has described the Galapagos as like Africa but underwater. It is pretty amazing.

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