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This morning I was up at 6:30 so I could be at Camping World by 8:00. A technician checked the water line connections to the toilet and determined that they were tight enough to prevent leaks in the future. He said that the water pump produces about 80 pounds of pressure, which would be enough to make the water line leak if it were not sealed tightly enough. Evidently Bruce did a better repair job than he thought he had done! If I had known that, I could have returned to Austin yesterday and saved the extra night’s camping fee. I guess I need to ask Santa for a better crystal ball. :>)

Since I was at Camping World for such a short time, I made it back to Austin in time to go to Silver Sneakers class. On the way I battled with myself over whether to go or not but finally decided that the exercise might work off some of my frustrations with the water leak situation. I was glad that I went.

On the way home from class I topped off Daisy’s tank. ($2.929).

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