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SUNDAY: We decided not to go to church this morning. I had one of my wake up every 15 minutes nights and Lew and Helen were leaving so we decided to spend some more time with them.

I put together some of the 6 weeks Bran Muffin Mix with some apples and cranberries and baked it like a cake. It took a lot longer to bake (almost twice as long as muffins) but it was good in the end.

Lew and Helen took off around noon and Ron and I just watched football and did a whole lot of nothing the rest of the afternoon. Of course, we didn't miss the Ice Cream social at the Activities Center in the evening.

MONDAY: Finally got my Sunday blog up. With company all week - my week has been all discombobulated.

Today we will make a trip to Wickenburg as the Monday Sr. Discount plus sales, plus list we need make it profitable. We won't go to Park Beautification as it is cold out. (at least for us 39*F)

After we get home, I'm going to start my plan on the den. I have divided it into areas and will attack one each day. Today is 6 small bins/boxes in front of the closet. Not sure what is in them but will sort and throw and then use the boxes for future sorting.

We had gotten together a pretty good list after we have been bombarded with emails ads and the TV so we headed to Wickenburg in the morning. We stopped at Alco and picked up a few things. I wanted to get some Christmas material to make a couple of holiday sweatshirts but I couldn't even find any cloth napkins nor tablecloths that I could use. I'm hoping if I stop at one of the quilt shops next week I can find something.

Of course, we stopped at the grocery store and came home with a bunch of stuff. I think I have everything for my Chai Latte Tea mix now and the ingredients for baking.

I was able to empty all 6 bins but have piles of papers sorted all over the floor. Tomorrow's goal is to get them all filed. I bought a big pack of file folders at the store today so should be able to get that done.

I also found several pages of blank label stock so I have the labels printed for our Christmas newsletter. I plan on getting that done tomorrow, too.

Time to head to bed - mixed up hot chocolate mix, Vanilla creamer, coffee, Creme d' Coco and Creme d' Menth. It makes a wonderful night cap. I am so sleepy, I can hardly type.

TUESDAY: Woke about 3:30 in the AM with leg cramps - so went to big chair with the heating pad. Fell back asleep around 5 and slept until 8:30. I'm up and Showered2sox. Need to get moving on many, many things this morning.

My 3 goals for the day: Hummmmm!

1. File piles of papers on the floor in den (yesterday's decluttering project - 50% or more went in burn basket.

2. Print, fold, stuff, label and mail Christmas letter.

3. Laundry - the basket overfloweth.

Also have pot of chili going. Sleepy from lack of sleep last night so going to check the eyelids for light leaks for a bit. (Afternoon Nap!!)

By the end of the day most of the papers were filed, the Christmas letter was in the mail and 5 (count 'em – FIVE) loads of laundry were washed and dried and waiting on the couch to be folded.

WEDNESDAY: So far today I have made some Chai Latte Tea , washed a sink full of dishes (2 more to go at least), looked at 5 loads of laundry done yesterday that need to be folded and thought about filing piles of paper in the den.

Ron is off with car for headlight recall - don't know when he will be home. Time I get going so he doesn't think I'm eating bon bons and watching TV all day. Really I'm eating Hersey Kisses and typing on the computer .

Goals for the day

Dishes - DONE

5 loads of laundry from yesterday, folded and put away - DONE

Papers sorted on floor in den, filed and put away - DONE

It has been a good day. I can't believe how much I got done. Hope I can keep it up tomorrow. But usually I only get one or two days like that a week and then get my head in a book and can't put it down.

I really want to work on one of the closets in the den - so then I can put things away properly in the closet. In labeled boxes.

THURSDAY: I was afraid my energy spurt from the last few days would go poof - and it did. I have accomplished a few things. Part of closet cleaned and material found.

Set up new table for my computer as I had to sit sideways at the desk and it made a permanent crick in my neck. This one is great and I still face the window so I can see the world go by.

I now have more papers on the floor - but like Scarlett I will worry about that tomorrow.

The high here is only 64 compared to the 80's we've had up to this, brrrrrr. Plus it is cloudy and supposed to rain.

I've been just lolling around in my chair and reading - prefect for a cloudy, chilly day.

I did get some work done on the jigsaw, cutting out Christmas ornaments for my kids.

Warming up the bean soup I made a couple days ago. Put one container in the freezer for another day so we won't get tired of it. I can't seem to be able to make a small batch of soup.

The first of the rains have started as it is supposed to rain all night. Dark, dark clouds are hiding the mountains. Small puddles in the street. I'm hoping for a hard rain as I have never seen water in the ditch/wash. We have a system of ditches to drain the water from the park. There is the main ditch and then a smaller on that runs into it. The smaller one is called Son of a Ditch.

FRIDAY: It is still drippy but there is no rain right now. We heard a bit during the night but the computer says only .001 inches. Back in the Midwest we wouldn't even count that and just say a trace.

The clouds are hanging on the tops of the mountain that I can see out this window. The mountain is black (means that it is wet) and the clouds are white so it looks kinda cool.

I played all day yesterday reading and listening to music so today I really have to get going if I want to meet my goals. (Wouldn't you know - one of my friends, Donna McNicol has a new book out on Kindle and I want to read it!!!

I pulled out my timer and did several round of 45/15. Forty-five minutes of work and then fifteen of what every I wanted to do (READ!!!) Anyway it worked just like it did when I had the big house 10 years ago. Dishes that I dreaded were only 25 minutes. Cleaned out and re-arranged one of the closets in the den. Cleaned off the sewing table and pinned the binding on another pillow for the couch. Sorted thru another box of papers. Piled neatly or put in a box all the papers waiting to be filed. Oh and I cut Ron's hair.

The bad news is that my blood sugar is really high. That Chai Latte Tea that I love so much spiked it WAY higher than I ever want to see. So I'm really cutting back on sweets, carbs and anything else I think will raise it. YUCK!! I hate diabetes.

SATURDAY: This was a “Day of the Sloth”. I was going to work on the kids ornaments but it was cold and rainy and I didn't want to go out in the garage. The good parent, Ron, has his 6 ornament all carved and could bring them in to the kitchen table to paint. I still have a lot of carving to do on the 3 ornaments for the big kids.

We have taken pictures – but – in case the kids happen to read this blog – I will post them after Christmas. But we (or at least Ron) are busy little elves getting them done.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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