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Parachuting the Flag

Parachuting the Flag

Reba with Bandmembers


33 Degree curve

Above the Yellow Line

Diving for Fish

Finish Line


Ponce Inlet Lighthouse



Daytona Beach in Distance

Daytona Beach

Beach Drive




November 3-4, 2012

Yesterday (Saturday), we walked around again and looked at some of the new RVs on display. The evening’s entertainment was Reba McEntyre; obviously a world class act but I must say that I was disappointed. Both Bob and I are country music fans and we have seen Reba on TV numerous times performing at the CMA awards etc. and so, we expected to see an incredible performance. I can sum up the performance in one word; uninspired. Although she had a wonderful band and sang her songs well etc., she never connected with the audience at all. There was no effort to get the audience involved in the performance, and while it was enjoyable, I expected better. Sad to say that Kenny Rodgers ruined it for Reba but….

Today, we got up early and walked the speedway track. It was awesome! It is a 2 ½ mile tri-oval with two short straightaways in the front and two big turns at each corner with a very long straightaway along the back. I have watched many NASCAR races on TV and believe me when I say that you cannot imagine what the track really is like until you are on it. The two turns are banked at 33 degrees and to think that the drivers go almost 200 miles per hour around them is unimaginable. What you can’t really see on TV is that the finish line area is also banked but much less so than the turns. We were not permitted to walk “above the yellow line” on the track but not everyone is a rule follower so I got some photos of the curvature and steepness of the turns. Really a fun experience!

We also drove to Daytona Beach and got lunch at the “North Turn” bar where the first Daytona races were run on the beach itself. The beach is very flat and hard packed but we preferred St. Augustine’s mostly because Daytona is comprised of one hotel/condo after another along the beach. There are no pets permitted on the beach except at the very end of the barrier island at Ponce Inlet State Park and even there, pets are restricted to the dog beach area which was not much of a beach at all and the grass was full of burrs.

That said, the time spent was worth it because we saw our first dolphins of the trip. The dolphins were herding the fish together and the fish were leaping out of the air in an effort to get away from the dolphins. As the dolphins fed, the pelicans dove repeatedly nearby, taking advantage of an available meal. It was really neat to see and I got some great photos of the pelicans. The dolphins were more difficult to photograph because I didn’t have my long lens with me. The weather was lovely though with a cool breeze blowing from the ocean and ample sunshine to take the chill off. Hard to believe it is November.

We also visited Florida’s tallest lighthouse; a pretty, red structure located in the middle of a nice marina community at the end of the inlet.

Tonight, we watched the finale of the rally ; an impressive fireworks display that was ignited over Lake Lloyd. We stood outside of our coach to watch and I took some very interesting photos. The colors and blurred view made the photos look like underwater anenomes or otherworldly flowers. Glad to be leaving Daytona, though.

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