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My husband is addicted to chicken innards. He loves chicken liver, gizzards, and hearts. Yesterday we're driving home and I said " did you see that restaurant? It had gizzards & livers painted on the front of the building." We did a u-turn and I found myself at Golden Wings. They specialize in fried chicken guts and cat fish. Dick ordered 18 gizzards and a cat fish fillet. He wanted to go back for round two, today. I said, alone!

When I am stressed or nervous I need to cut things out with my scissors. Sometimes when no project comes to mind I cut out items from magazines, letters off cereal boxes, maybe all the umbrellas on a sheet of scrapbook paper. I have been know to have emergency paper dolls books.

Had the first oil change done on the truck. We sat in a waiting room for 3 hours with reruns of high school girls Texas basketball tournaments on. It was a huge dealership with four waiting rooms and only 5 people waiting in them. I have no idea why it took so long maybe no one came back from break.

Tomorrow we leave for Shreveport, LA. Easy drive no deserts, no wind, not a truck route, and only 183 miles.

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