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Love the reflections of the sky in the river.

A French “Opera”. Truly a fine specimen ;)

Playing around with the extracted colour function on my camera :)


"Ah c'est un vélo"

There’s a new resident in my block of flats, a saxophonist. While I normally like the sound of a saxophone, hearing it almost every day for hours at a time gets a little bit more than annoying. Often the stream of scales and squawky exercises goes on for a whole day it seems.

My final exams have already started so I’m spending more time at home in my flat revising. This is not only more expensive because I am using more of my own toilet paper, but because I tend to eat A LOT more. Fancy cakes from the bakery around the corner are a comfort in times like this ;).

Each time I eat one I wonder the same thing; how can the French eat these and still be so slim? Maybe the mistake I make is to fool myself that they eat them every day?

So why are the French thinner than the English? It’s certainly true that the average French person is slimmer and obesity is rare.

While waiting in a supermarket queue there always seems to be a skinny French woman, dressed in skin tight trousers and high heels in front of me, loading the conveyor belt with saucisson and camembert. I stand there looking at her spindly legs and same questions goes through my mind. Some reasons may include:

-They simply eat smaller portions

-There consume less fast food

-They take time to eat

-They don’t snack between meals

-They smoke more

A standard, two hour lunch break in nearly every work place allows for taking plenty of time to eat. Eating at your desk is unthinkable for the French. It is also quite rare to see someone eating while out on the move, on the metro, for example. Unless it is to nibble to top of your fresh baguette from the bakery! Maybe the reason for their slimness is a combination of these things and more. However, I like to believe that it’s simply “genetic”, it's the way the French are made, that way I am excused.

Spring is in the air and it’s slowly starting to warm up here, can’t wait to get out of the tights!

Mary-Anne x x x

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