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August 5, Sommerhagen

Nice sunny day today (except when Grammar was trying to take photos of a church)

We had a not-driving-anywhere day. Hugo set up their tent and the kids buzzed in and out of it gleefully. More laundry was done, a wagon was fixed, a swing set up and crayfish traps were set.

Grammar made yummy rarebit for lunch.

Then Grammar and I took off on the bike for an epic trip. In all we did between 35 and 40 km, all of it in only three gears. We went to Beatebergs Kyrka, a beautiful brick church that is six- sided -- Grammar's favorite shape. It is a quite elaborate: Romanesque on the outside and lovely and simple inside. The six large windows each have a six-sided star on them.

The architect for this wonderful church was Emile Viktor Langlet, a court architect from Norway. He studied church architecture in Italy and other locations, developing a model for a church in which knowledge and god's word would be central. Some congregations rejected his plans because his churches did not have a "langhus" (central nave?) and choir and other things thought to be essential in a traditional church.

Langlet wanted to get away from the Catholic influence, and for the church to be open and light. No part of the church should have a higher rank than any other part; therefore the choir, congregation and preacher were all on the same level.

On the way home, we made a side trip to Ryholm, a huge and mysterious manor house. The estate has a very long driveway running under an avenue of horse chestnut trees. At the main road a sign seems to say " no cars or other motor vehicles"; so Grammar and I zoomed up the driveway on the bike. The estate has magnificent brick barns and eventually we came close to an enormous house that has a very definite "privat" sign on it. We followed a road around the house for some distance and snuck some nice pictures when the sun finally came out. All this detouring made us late for supper - we were gone five hours!

Uncle Hugo made a scrumptious dinner with bar-b-q'd pork tenderloin and chanterelle mushrooms. We are pretty spoiled. Grammar managed to do three drawings today; so she is happy.

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