McElholum road trip - up the Centre 2012 travel blog




The option of unpowered camping has meant we have set up on the banks of the Little Roper river, at the "Mataranka cabins and camping'. Picture perfect spot. Have the area to ourselves! Guy and Hayden off fishing for Barramundi. Surrounded by bougenvillia in flower, tall cabbage palms. Lots of wildlife. Wallabies, frogs, bats, birds. Surrounded by metre high termite mounds. Walked 300mt to Bitter Springs. Had been recommended this spot by a couple of people, firstly Lara O'Donnell. IDYLLIC!! Will be hard to top this spot. Enter the perfect temperature water....warm!! Snorkels on ...float down stream for 10 minutes. Crystal clear 'sapphire' blue water, almost glowing green water plants under water. Turltes. Over 3 mts deep all along. Topped by purple water lillies floating on edges. Lush vegetation, towering paper barks and cabbage palms. No need for towels, warm when you get out and walk back for 2 minutes to do it all again. Daniel singing different swimming songs as he floated along with his noodle. Spent the day doing this except for a short break to go and collect firewood for our evening campfire. Had decided to spend 2 nights here!! Decided not to visit the Mataranka springs which are now concrete bottomed. "Rolley', the 'station owner's son', had found us to return our spare tyre before his 300km drive back to his farm.

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