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After ariving in Vienna and being handed 5 free drink cards from reception, we met down in the lobby for the busabout walk and fork tour....The walk part being a walking tour around Vienna or Wien and the locals call it, and the fork part being a big dinner of schnitzel....literally the size of your face.

Walter our guide was one fo the best tour guides weve had to date! He was about 55 I reckon and had a good sense of humour...cracking gags left right and centre. We found out that Hitler was born and grew up in Vienna. He applied for the art school there when he was a young adult but got rejected....imagine what could ahve been if he got it!

The hostel, wombats was located about 7 mins walk from town and opposite a bigg food market called the narshmarket. The hostel had just opened last summer so it was really new and hip. Breakfast was the best we have had by far! It was in a jungle themed room and we had eggs, cereal, toast, juice, fruit and the best machine hot chocs ever!

We were told about a cake shop called Demels. Traineee chefs do their aprentiship there and we got told of a secret museum below the shop showcasing all the gigantic cake creations that the chefs had made as assesment pieces. Took us a good while to find the secret door leading downstairs but what we saw was amazing!

There was everything from Lady GaGa to Roger Federer, the crown jewels and these weird gremlins. Each were life size and created down to the finest detail.

You will be pleased to know I made my first shopping purchase in Zara or Zaz as we call it these days. I bought a strippy blue and white jumper for 10euro which I have lived in, and a red jacket for about 40 euros. Laura and Jane were over the moon when they heard the news as I am the worst shopper ever!

In the afternoon we explored the town by ourselves. Laura went to see the crown jewels and not sure what Nitz did....probs a museum!

I found myself sitting in a big park that had a big outdoor movie cinema set up for the summer. We were going to go see Anastiacia that night there, but I discovered it was the singer and not the disney we aborted that plan.

I bought some fruit and a bevergae and sat in the sunny park for a while. It was lovely until it started to get cloudy and so I made for home just before the downpoor was begining. It rained for ages....was so heavy and thunder and lightning popped out aswell!

The next day we explore the Schbolrn Palace (something along those lines. It was the summer palace of the hapsburgs and it was bloody huge!We did the tour inside the palace, got through about 40 rooms and that was justa small amount of the whole palace.

The gardens were so lovely! We played in the labirynth and could have spent hours there!

We went home to pack our bags to head off to Salzburg the next day.

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