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view from our "front door:

one of the elk in "velvet"-his antlers

the gang at an overlook

we made it to Milner Pass and the Continental Divide

a moose jam on the west side of RMNP

for this moose and two others

some of the amazing scenery

OK, Everybody,

Let's try again on this June 3rd thing! We've spent the last 3 days in Estes Park, Colorado and in Rock Mt National Park. Arrived on The 1st (Friday) and went to the visitor's center, saw the video and watched two cute pica's peeking out of their home near the entrance of the center. Drove in to get the lay of the land and found the entrance to Trail Ridge Road. A trip on this 48 mile road across the NP has been on our "Bucket List" for a few years. In the past we've been here before the road opened all the way through due to snow pack. This year, we're here later and there was less snow pack so the trip was easy.

Kelly drove all of us, including Colden through this on Saturday. I've added some photos which of course don't do the trip justice but will hopefully give you a flavor of what it was like. Incredible scenery, not as many animals as we'd hoped. We did see elk but in no where near the numbers we've seen previously. (Learned from a guy at the campground that the forest service had culled the herd last winter-reduced by at least 1000, meat given to homeless and food pantries in the bigger cities). In addition we say, yellow-something squirrels, curious and cute, pronghorn antelope, 9 moose including 2 calves, yellow bellied marmots and of course prairie dogs. No big horn sheep, eagles, coyote or some of the other animals listed in the brochures. Still impressive and a delight to see.

The girls and grand kids stayed in the Ranger Cabin at the campground-a log cabin once an interior ranger cabin in the Park. It was rustic but clean and well equipped. We slept in our trailer a short distance away but had meals with them at the cabin. Mackenna and Brendan enjoyed the pool with Oma on Sunday am, while Poppy and his daughters took a short hike up an alluvial fan that had been created by a rock slide in the Park. Great time and good memories for all in spite of a rousing thunder storm on Saturday night. (It helped bring the fire danger from high to moderate so it was a good thing). Family left after lunch and we're heading to Casper, WY in the morning.

Again, love to you all...

Ingrid, Colden & Joe

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