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Boulder Town Hall

The Curtain from the Dress Circle

Historic Burt St Boulder

The big yellow bucket

The Super Pit

Today did not get off to a good start, the washing machine died……Got it sorted eventually a local chap fixed it in 3 minutes, undo 2 screws, take bottom off pump, remove fluff, replace bottom of pump. Job Done!

Went into downtown Boulder and had a look at the Town Hall. So beautifully preserved. The stage curtain was painted by Phillip Goatcher in 1908 and though it has had some repair work it’s the original curtain and it’s absolutely awesome. Carol didn’t seem all that impressed; it was a very emotional sensation walking on the stage and standing in the same spot that Our Nellie Melba stood in 1914 with the same curtain….. Even more curious is the fact that I have a recording of Our Nell singing “No place like home” recorded in that same place. I’ll send them a digitally remastered copy when I get home, That would be amazing to hear Nell sing again in the Boulder Town Hall; one more Melba farewell concert….

Got lost trying to find the “Super Pit” eventually found it and well yes super is not quite the adjective I’d use. Actually superlatives fail to describe the hole in the ground let’s just say it’s big and very deep…. I guess with gold prices being on the up & up the enterprise pays dividends. Carol & Gracie could get lost in the bucket off a loader, well they did get lost and it was only my voice that got them out of it.

Tomorrow should be fun we are going to the Lolly Shoppe to get some real lollies grab a “few things” from Bunning’s take some more pics especially of downtown Kalgoorlie. It would appear that there is nothing of the tramway in Kalgoorlie left even to my trained eye; I’ll have to wait till I get to Perth to ride on a retired Kalgoorlie tram I think.

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