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Long Center for the Performing Arts


Map of Mirazozo Luminarium Sculpture

Luminarium - Airlock

Luminarium - Green Dome

Luminarium - Blue Dome - Woman Sitting in Pod

Luminarium - Red Dome

Luminarium - Path Between Red and Centre Domes

Luminarium - Centre Dome

Luminarium - Tree Dome

Luminarium - Tree Dome - Inge and Glenda

This morning I met Inge Rider at the Long Center for the Performing Arts to experience the Mirazozo Luminarium by Architects of Air. It was inspired by the beauty of natural geometry and Islamic architecture like that found in the bazaars of Iran. It features winding passages in five domes with light shining through the colored plastic. The individual pieces were cut and glued together by hand in the Architects of Air workshop in Nottingham, England. The soft music inside was created by David Bickley. We had to remove our shoes before entering because of the delicate nature of the plastic. The floor was in direct contact with the ground. It was an unusual and very pleasant experience. (www.architects-of-air.com)

After this, we drove to the University of Texas campus with the intention of visiting a special exhibition on banned books at the Harry Ransom Center; but were unable to find a place to park. We finally gave up and decided that, next time, we will take the bus from my place, which would be hassle-free and much less expensive.

Then we headed for a thrift shop where Inge bought some things for her church women’s group to donate to their missions projects. By then we were famished. On the way home we stopped at Popeye’s for a late lunch.

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