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We haven't made any entries this week because we have mostly been doing regular life activities, and somehow they didn't seem entry worthy.

We found some babysitters and the girls spent time this week getting to know them. Tom got some much needed breaks and time to work on his research.

We found some shoes for Carmen who had already managed to destroy 2 of the 3 pairs that she brought with her. I bought her three pairs!

The other small joys concern food. While this area of France is agriculturally rich with fabulous fruits and vegetables, they are always combined with meats or fish. As we read in our guidebook, and have found to be true, the French are a bit mystified by vegetarians. They do have wonderful bread, cheese and wine which is about all Tom and I need, but it has been a little harder to keep Janna and Carmen fed.

We keep saying that our house is in Aix, but we are actually south of town, near a little area that must have once been a separate village. So just down the hill from us is a cute little street lined with shops, restaurants, a bakery, a fruit and vegetable stand. Our choices for grocery shopping had been either to stock up at the small fruit and vegetable stand and bakery or to drive to the gigantic and frenetic Carrefour. The Carrefour is like an enormous Super Walmart, it is surrounded by 3 multilevel parking garages and always filled with about half the population of Aix. It was almost more stressful to navigate than a round-about at rush hour. But we couldn't find some unusual essentials at the little shops near our house like peanut butter, soy milk and tofu, or even pasta and rice. I was pretty happy last Sunday when Tom discovered a small but complete grocery store in our little village that sells peanut butter. I was overjoyed when I visited it myself yesterday and discovered soy milk and tofu! Now I might never have to go to the Carrefour again!

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