Bound for Glory - July 2011 travel blog

Now that the December issue of Budget Travel is on the newsstand and we can see the two page spread featuring the cruising tips we gave their reporter and tiny photo of our faces, we are left as mystified by this whole experience as we were eight months ago when it all began. Unlike some other occasions in our professional lives, we were delighted to see that the article included only what we really said and the comments were accurate and complete. Once you have been misquoted by the local media, you can get a little gun shy, but the reporter we traveled with was a good listener and note taker. While it would have been nice to have played a more prominent role in the magazine spread than a 1x2" photo, the approach the staff used to cover this topic was creative and clever.

But we still are left wondering why they bothered to spend the money to send us all on a cruise that we did not really want to take on a ship that we did not enjoy to a place we had already been and did not want to return to. Note to self: Next time you enter a contest, make sure you know what you are getting into.

Most of all we feel indebted to all the friends and family who voted for us incessantly all summer. Their support and involvement in this project made it a great experience when all was said and done.

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