2011 Celebration Journey travel blog

You can't miss this sign as you drive by on I-40

This is it!

Outside the Big Texan

Here's Beth

Everything is bigger in Texas

The building is so big I couldn't get it all in one...

We're ready for dinner

This guy from Arkansas was attempting the 72 oz steak challenge -...

Steaks cooking on the grill

Working hard in the kitchen

The dining room is decorated with stuffed animal heads

We were serenaded

We enjoyed the song they played - "Faded Love" by Bob Wills

This is over the platform where the challengers attempt to eat the...

Henry's 9 oz. Filet

I cleaned my plate

We were happy after a very good meal

Two more guys attempting the 72 oz. challenge

To win the free 72 oz. dinner you have to eat all...

We were safely back at the RV Park after our ride in...

We had to do what every tourist going through Amarillo has to do - eat dinner at the Big Texan Steak House. You can't miss it. There are signs for miles east and west of Amarillo on the Interstate advertising the Home of the Free 72 ounce steak. We even saw signs for it coming up a state highway from Copper Breaks.

The Big Texan has also been featured on several Travel Channel Shows including "Man vs Food". They have a DVD of the show for sale in the gift shop.

To get the free dinner you have to eat a 72 ounce steak plus a baked potato, roll, shrimp cocktail and salad. Anyone attempting to win the free steak sits at a table on a platform. When it is time to begin, they make an announcement that someone is starting the challenge and everyone in the dining room applauds. Then they start a countdown clock at 60 minutes. When we sat down at our table one guy was on the platform attempting to eat the dinner. We were sitting at a table next to 3 of his friends. He didn't make it - he quit about half way through. Just as we were leaving another 2 guys had just started. There is a list on the wall of recent winners. A couple of people had already won that day.

The Big Texan website has live webcams of people at the table. Check it out here http://www.bigtexan.com/

Our steaks were delicious. I had a 6 oz filet and Henry had the 9 oz filet. We really had fun.

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