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July 1: Day 8 - Canyon Hot Springs – Golden - The Rogers Pass

K’s 119

Time 5.35

Average speed: 20.52

T to D 778.65

After a light rain most of the night it was a soggy kind of morning. My team had dinner duty last night and breakfast this morning. A bit more difficult as all the cooking equipment had been loaded back on the truck (bear control) and that took more time to set up than usual. So an early morning to get this done and get the team working on breakfast as early as possible. Breakfast of pancakes and oatmeal and lots of it. The Team made double batches of both, enough for 80 so the recipe said but it all went!

After getting breakfast done, getting changed to bike we still had to load the truck before we could head for the pass after 9am. The morning was cool but pleasant at the foot of the pass. Rogers pass which tops at 1330 meters was an excellent accent. Cold at times but the wind was favourable and the climb which had many k’s of 6% grades was still a very nice ride to the top. A bit slow as we were also part of the sweep team and had some waiting for slower riders. While the ride up was only 34k or so the pace was a bit slow so our arrival at the summit was around noon. At the summit we stopped for lunch at the lodge. Mistake, as the food was terrible and expensive. Avoid that place if you travel through the pass.

After lunch we waited to be sure everyone was on the way down the pass and then we headed down. After the snow sheds which were an interesting ride, we came across 3 three of our team, one of which had a flat. They were fine so they took the sweep duties and we rode ahead to Golden. A super ride and fast as we were in camp by 4:30 and ready for dinner in good time. A nice evening in Golden.

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