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Water, Water Everywhere

No training today so had a nice lie in until 9 then popped out to fetch a crate of water. We're up in the clouds here so the town of Manica has water supplied from fresh springs within the surrounding mountains. Water is filtered down to various pumps situated around the town and people just collect the water in big containers from the pumps. There is also a mineral water warehouse where they sell boxes of bottled mineral water and this is where we get our water from. The crates contain 12 bottles of 1.5 litre bottles and cost 182 meticals which means we pay approximately 30p per bottle.

Play Time

Had a count up of my money today and found I had 4,900 meticals left from 5,000 which means I've spent about £2.50 since I've been here. We visited a local area called Quarto Congresso and luckily Short drove Mr Mann, Pingi, Zambo, Drew and Me. It was literally down the road but then far down a dirt track with mammoth pot holes Southwark council would be proud of. We arrived and joined in messing around with the kids then set up a couple of matches for them to play. We left them 2 Arsenal footballs which they loved although we could see the balls wouldn't last long in this type of terrain which is worrying.

Training started at 3 but we were late so we didn't want to disrespect the coach and join straight in. This led to us watching for a bit until Short forced us to boot up and join in.

Training was intense as usual but also very enjoyable and I played on the left which made a nice change.

After lunch we relaxed and I finally got this travel journal and website up and running which was a relief. I then E-mailed John Olaleye (Arsenal gap year program co-coordinator) and my family the first batch of pictures. I am going to put pictures on these journal entries however it only allocates me a certain amount so I won't be able to show all of them.

For dinner we had rice, potatoes and fish ummmmmmmmmm washed down with a can of grape fanta from the bar. I stayed in the computer room for a while sifting through my E-mails and sorting this website out.

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