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Saying so long to Dee, Naiomi, & Kai was easy as we will be seeing them in one week. Indeed it was a wonderful family visit. We did a little casino camping so it was only proper they should stay overnight at the casino hotel. Most all these casinos are luxurious and many an RV'er does their share of casino camping. Kai had plenty of space to get his energy out-run, run around the parking lot! The sound of jet noise is music to my ears-I just love it! There was an Air National Guard base nearby. Their precision mystifies me! More jet noise at the Marine Air base in Yuma. I could hear freedom ringing as they swooped by overhead! Together Corky & I have four children, six grand children. It makes our hearts warm to know they support this free lifestyle of ours. They make it clear we are loved. It goes without saying we love each of them unconditionally. On that note, back to visiting with Dee & family...in separate vehicles each driving west on I-10. We put our "legs" down in Yuma, Az. Another pleasant casino camping experience. We observed license SaskatchewanSasketchewan, British Columbia, Minnesota, Michigan, etc. It's hard to recall every state. You can see RV'ing is popular amongst us retirees. Speaking of such, I completely forgot to relay an example of kind folks amongst us. In Oklahoma City Corky shared overnight power with a fellow traveler(motor coach). What should appear but home canned blueberry jam made from berries they had picked at home in Maine. By the way it is delicious on toasted bagel thins! Stopping in Yuma gave us a chance to do the usual food shopping, peruse the mall, etc. Corky celebrated his birthday with breakfast on the house at the casino. Later that evening, an Outback special seemed appropriate. Y'all knooooow he enjoyed a day of food. The agricultural(vegetable) fields in Yuma County heightened the senses-the smell of fresh earth, livid colorssatisfiesows(satisfys my compulsive nature). Southwest Arizona ranks second in fresh produce production. The bulk of winter leafy greens are grown here. Imperial Valley, California and Yuma County, Arizona irrigate compliments of the Colorado River. Let me share some mind boggling stats with you. Farming crosses the border, is physical in nature(picking, packing,driving field equipment), and employs 90% of the labor force from the US/Mexico border. 62% males(1/2 over the age of 45); 38% females(same age stats) are transported by the producer from the border to the fields. How badly do you want a job???? Interestingly, 70% have 4-7 years of education! Elementary education that is!!! Kofa Mtn RV Park permitted us to come on in early. Thank you! There are advantages to parking for an extended stay. We were ready to put out the "finishing touches"(wine rack, homey decorations, leave outdoor chairs patio, etc). Spending Thanksgiving Day with old friends allowed us to pick up where we left off last year. Boo Hoo...the frig is maintaining 48 degrees F. NOT good for food quality. 0730 hours off we go to RV Lifestyles. Corky has confidence in this service center. I hope it works out as this problem is quite annoying!!! I'll let you know the outcome.

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