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Our dinner on the train

Boarding the faduka

A faduka

Elaphintine rocks - with grafitti

A passage in the Nubian village

The view at lunch

The Tattoo

Alice and a new friend

At dinner

The Sleeper car was comfortable and we had no trouble falling asleep. I woke up around 7:00 AM and watched the countryside slip by. Small fields, lots of hand labor, irrigation pumps, animals... A continental breakfast then we arrived at Aswan. At 9:00 AM already very hot. Got to our hotel and made plans for the day. Alice took a dip and I tried to get a connection to the internet. Worked for about five minutes...

About 11:00 we met up and went for a sail on the Nile in a falluka, a lanteen sailed ship with two young men as crew and an older guy as the captain. Sailed down river for half an hour or so and saw some 4000 year old Nubian graves dug into the hill side. The most prominent feature, however, was all the tourist boats and hotels. Luckily we are in the "low" season so there was very little traffic on the Nile, but it was unusually windy.

We docked at Aswan Island Nubian Village. Many Nubians whose villages were flooded by the construction of the High Dam were relocated, village by village, on the Islands in this part of Egypt. While Egyptians, they do maintain a distinct language and culture, though they are becoming more Egyptian as time goes on.

Anyway, we wound through narrow passages (not streets - no cars) that seemed to be a maze of mud bricks, plaster, white wash, primitive drawings, and occasional air conditioners adding a modern touch to an otherwise village that could have come from 2000 years ago.

Going to the captain's house we had a traditional Nubian meal of hibiscus tea (yes, the flower), lentil soup, rice, french fries (!), ground beef, barbecued chicken, tomatoes and peppers, pasta, and some other dishes. His grandmother offered (for 30 LE) to do henna tattoos, and there were six takers - Alice was first in line!

After the meal we wandered through the village some more and visited a man with some small Nile crocodiles - then back to the boat for our ride home. There was quite a bite of wind so we had to tack quite heavily. When we returned we were all quite warm. I update the trip journal (found what looks like a stable wifi spot) and Alice took a dip. After doing the essentials I too went for a swim.

Cleaned up and the whole group walked down the street and had dinner on a floating restaurant on the Nile - Nile perch. Then early to bed as we awake at 2:45 AM tomorrow.

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