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There was the a garden at the park and I thought this...

The school team is the Deshler Dragons - so they put a...

I thought this gazabo was neat.

How is this for a bed of dutch iris??

You can see our RV in the background.

Deshler, NE!! A nice little town with free parking in the city park. It is listed in and they haven’t steered me wrong yet. If we had the big RV we could even hook up with 50 amps.

We had slept in this morning. I finally woke up when the birds wouldn’t shut up. It was almost 9 am and I felt really guilty – but I lay there awhile and that went away. LOL!!

We ate and packed up and drove to the dump. Whoever laid out the park forgot to find out which side the connections are so we had to drive around to get going the right way to dump.

Then we hit the road. We only had a little over 200 miles today so it didn’t matter if we didn’t get started until 11.

After about 10 miles we turned north on I-135, which turned into US-81 and crossed into Nebraska.

Deshler is a little town about 8 miles west of US-81. It is set between the rolling cornfields and looks like a great place to raise your kids. Their claim to fame is that they had the first bar to serve liquor in NE after prohibition and they once had the biggest broom factory in the US (since closed).

We were hungry after we set up the RV so we walked the couple blocks to down town. We didn’t realize just how hot it was, so while Ron sat on a bench to rest up, I went into a beauty shop to ask where we could find something to eat. There was just the bar across the street. They could put a pizza in the oven for us. So we had pizza while watching 4 old guys play pinochle. It wasn’t the best pizza but the beer and diet soda were in frosty mugs and everything went down well. The best part is it all was $13. So we helped the local economy a bit.

We came back to the RV and tried to get on the Internet. Sometimes we could get on and other times we had no signal. So we took a nap. Now it is a bit cooler and we have the door and windows open. I think it is going to be a very quiet evening.

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