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Carpe Diem at Century RV, Ogden
Seems crowded after boondocking...

Temple Square, Salt Lake City: Assembly Hall

Temple Square, Salt Lake City: Conference Center
No support columns, seats 21,000. Awesome!

Temple Square, Salt Lake City: Tabernacle Organ in Recital
A truly memorable experience!

Sun, 30 May: We finally "broke camp" and left Ken's (aka, "Windy") Lake. We drove to the big city, Ogden, a distance of 280 miles. The trip was uneventful and very scenic. We took US 6 most of the way, which took us through some high (7,500') mountain passes. As before, Carpe's turbocharger and engine brake kept us moving at a safe speed. The last 45 or so miles was on I-15 from Provo, through Salt Lake City, to Ogden. Endless construction and insane drivers. Fortunately, it was a Sunday (no accident) and we just plodded along.

We are in an RV park with all the electricity, water, and dump access we could ever want (at a price, of course). We have a huge pile of laundry to do and it'll take some doing to get all of the windblown dust and grit out of our coach.

We'll be here until Friday (04 Jun). Our tow car (Carpe Dinkum) needs new tires, which are waiting for us at the nearby Costco (thanks to the wonder of the internet!) Sandi also had refills waiting for her at the local Walgreens, again thanks to the internet.

We'll also do the touristy stuff; see an organ recital at the Mormon Tabernacle, visit the Great Salt Lake, Browning Museum, etc. Also, Bob's niece Stacy lives in Ogden so we hope to log some family time.

Wed, 02 Jun: Ahhh the humdrum of domesticity... We've been here a few days and are really catching up on our "lives". Memorial Day was laundry day, five loads to get caught up. We spent the afternoon with Bob's niece Stacy and her two children. She just moved into a new home, and it was fun sharing their excitement. We took them to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we got new tires on the Focus and dealt with multiple other chores while we're in the "big city". Even found a UPS Store and shipped Sandi's lens off to Nikon for repairs (it stopped autofocusing while in Arches NP).

This is being written from the waiting room of the Ogden Ford dealer where we're having the front end aligned on the Focus. This afternoon we'll spend time with Sharon & Ray Betts, folks with whom we shared our dinner table on our last (Panama Canal) cruise.

If all goes well tomorrow will be tourist day! Regret we won't have sufficient time for all our tourist wish list, but we'll prioritize and do something we'll both enjoy...

Thu, 03 Jun: The Ford dealer did a wonderful job and had us back on the road within an hour. We met Ray & Sharon Betts, who spent the afternoon playing tour guides, including a scenic drive out Ogden Canyon to Huntsville where we had a late lunch (early dinner?) at a truly excellent BBQ place.

This morning we took the commuter train into Salt Lake City and visited Temple Square. We visited several of the structures open to the public and were treated to a recital of the famed 11,000+ pipe Tabernacle Organ. It was Sandi's first visit, and she (and Bob) were duly impressed.

We "trained" back to Ogden early afternoon, completed some shopping and laundry in preparation of hitting the road. Tomorrow we're off to Yellowstone.

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