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Train ride to Kavala

Train ride to Kavala

Our typical evening meal in Kavala

The last two days we have experienced the Greek mass transportation, subway, tram, bus, train and cab; all of which were very clean and a great experience.

After the 'over-the-top' effort by Stavros and Spiros to get us directly to the subway and on the way to the train station we had a delightful time riding the train to Thessaloniki. It was clean, quiet and very comfortable. We actually climbed to the top of one mountain. At times the curves were so tight we could see the cars in front of us! The train left on time and arrived 1/2 hour early. While we were a bit confused by the train station at Thessaloniki we finally found the right place to buy tickets to Kavala, and in 45 minutes were on our way.

The bus trip to Kavala was uneventful, and we disembarked at the bus station about 30 minutes early. We then found a taxi, and asked to go to our hotel. It turned out that our hotel was 7 k from town. Karen in particular was most unhappy, especially when we learned that there is no shuttle to town, so we'll have to pay for a taxi each day both ways. Our room is quite comfortable if not very up-to-date, and according to the concierge it is the best suite in the hotel. We'll just have to make the best of it in terms of getting to town. We got somewhat settled then went back to town for dinner. After walking past many bars, we finally found a nice pizza and spaghetti spot. We each had a wonderful plate of pasta then took a taxi home. Sleep is the imperative tonight, and so this epistle ends here.

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