Brinleys Hit Nicaragua 2010 travel blog

OK, we made it to San Carlos. The Ferry ride was interesting. I would say pleasant but I would be lying. Our choices were sleeping on a bench or a floor in a hot and steamy room filled with mosquitoes as we sloshed around in Lago Cocibolca (lake Nicaragua) or on a very cold (really, I nearly froze to death) rented chair or wet floor on the open deck getting sprayed with water. To give you an idea, I was on a chair about ¾ of the way towards the back sitting in the most sheltered area protected by a two story cabin and I was still getting wet by the waves breaking over the bow. And know as I type this several hours later I am swaying like I was still on the boat. We made it though, the 9 hour trip was more like 12 and it was mostly uneventful. As we sat on the deck of the boat getting wet and trying to stay warm I asked Grandma how this leg of her trip was. I don´t remember her exact words but they were something like amazing or wonderful. I ask the girls all the time also and always get awesome or something similar. Man this is hard to type while I am swaying.... Taylor has such a big heart, she doesn´t want to waste any food when we stop to eat and if there is anything left over she wants to save it for a street kid (or man, or family) She feels guilty to have and to not eat it all. No matter how gross it is or how much she dislikes it. All the girls are open to try new things when eating also. The other night Hunter and Taylor both ordered fish and got two each complete with fins, tails, eyes, etc... Taylor doesn´t even like fish. Hunter tried to make the fish blink. Kelby sees something on the menu and says “lets try it, you have to try something new”. We are all anxious to go zip lining so hopefully we will fit that in somewhere. I am hoping to also fish a little on teh Rio San Juan, they have some big fish here, 90 – 300lbs. As well as crocodiles, bull sharks, manitee, etc.. Hopefully we will see some wildlife in the jungle. OK got to go, got another 3 hr boat ride ahead down River.


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