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LAST night i shaved my legs!!!

for the first time since leaving canada. it is pretty exciting. I also got to enjoy a hot shower which was fucking fantastic on account that its been at least 3 weeks or so.

yessereee bob i do like the civilized life sometimes.

so i will tell you how i got here..

While emailing the various farms that posted their information on the WWoofing site i came across a guy named Paul Martin. i emailed him saying he had a possible volunteer and cook at his disposal and he promptly responded. I told him we had plans to visit a farm called Better in Belize. and i learned later that his golf resort was actually on the way to our destination. a few back and forths to exchange some information and two days later, taking up his offer of complimentary accomodations on our journey, we found ourselves showering in hot water and munching on milkyways and oreo cookies.

Paul and his wife started and run the only Golf course on the mainland (the other being situated on an Caye off the coast), and want to start up a nursery and eventually have a functioning garden. Jenny, pauls wife, is from south carolina and is quite the character. She is a very fast moving woman and can do many things at once. She has got those faraway eyes that tell me that thoughts are flashing through her mind even as she tell me about herself. She describes herself as a loudmouth cusser with a heart of gold and i can believe it. while telling me and devon a bit about herself she puffs on a cigarette that she is not supposed to be smoking. she makes us both promise not to tell Paul. She also warns us that if we want to smoke the doobies we better not let him catch us neither. but on this golf course their is lots of room. and we have no trouble going for a walk out on the short golf grass and sharing a joint in the cool night air.

we have a room with a double bed to share, and good food to eat. devon is starting off in the kitchen as he is a very good cook and i will be serving tonight as it is expected to be quite buzy.

i dont mind doing a bit of normal work for a bit. (ie not farming), not that i have really been doing too much farming. but i have been basically living in the bush for 3 weeks and its nice to wear a skirt and have a bit of skin showing without having to fight off a hoard of biting insects.

yes the weather is beautiful and sunny and hot. we had a bit of a cold front but i think its passed now. winter in belize is fading fast. i guess what i thought was hot was actually cold. the locals all wear toques and long pants at this time of year, they say its cold for them. haahhaha

i lost my hat and so did devon. mine disapeared on my last day at Bamboo Belize and devons flew off when we were hitching a ride in the back of a truck.

so i guess we will just have to go shoppping! i also need to get an outfit that is not farm worthy for my waitressing job. DID i mention that we are getting some cash!?

ya not a bad deal

they seem to really want reliable help here and keep offering us a home base here. work a few days a week. make a bit of cash. learn some new skills. and then go off adventuring for a few days. We are right out of belmopan and right smack in the middle of belize, not a bad home base if you ask me. Its a very nice little resort as well. they have 4 little guest cabins and a little restaurant called "the meeting place" with a screened in eating area that overlooks roaring creek and the line of jungle that acts as a backdrop. creates a very remote and exotic atmosphere. but its deffinitely not the jungle here. there are trees standing alone, surrounded by grass. its almost like we are back on the prairies says Devon.

we just arrived last night and slept very well on our fancy mattress. we have got the day to explore and then its off to work tonight. my first night of serving. Jenny thinks i will do very well cause i like to smile! i also think that i will do well. we will certainly find out tonight!


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