A Tale of Two Cruises - early winter 2009 travel blog

Although we knew that our first cruise ship the Grand Princess would be in Civitavecchia the same day as the next cruise ship the Celebrity Solstice, that did not mean that moving ourselves and the suitcases between the two ships would be easy. Ports are busy, commercial places, sometimes with high security, and you can't just go wandering around with 200 pounds of luggage. The day dawned cloudy and windy, dramatically marking the end of one cruise and the beginning of another.

We could see our next home away from home; it was close as the crow flies, but a fair distance on foot. But it couldn't have been easier to make the switch. Each ship has a shuttle bus to the main gate near the train station where some passengers arrive from Rome. We shuttled to the gate on the Princess bus and shuttled back to the Solstice on their bus. Problem solved.

Since the Solstice was not quite ready for us to check in we went back to town and enjoyed the reasonable internet cafe rates that crew members pay when they are in port. Many rush to the internet phones to call family thousands of miles away. It's a hard life. We were glad to hear that the Princess sent crew that had a day off to the Pyramids on a trip that cost 40% of what the passengers paid. It must be frustrating to see the world from the window of a passenger cabin with a dust rag in your hand.

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