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I am well behind with this website now but will try to remember the events of the past week!! Had a sad farewell to a few people on Easter Saturday and we got on the truck with our new truck mates (who all seem quality so far judging by the group meal we had last night) We had a farely long drive to La Serena on the coast of Chile, a pretty seaside resort. Am now sharing good old no 2 tent with the sturdy bird Lucy. After the first night I have to say I was missing the lovely Katrine due to the fact that Lucy got a bit drunk and there was need for a bowl in the tent which was indeed utilised and had to be disposed of by my good self!! I am sure this was a one off however. (hmmm).Next day just wondered along the beach, had lunch and did some internet (clearly not updating this though!!)Then we had to do a shop for our cook group. This malarky is all new to us as Kev and Vicky did all the shopping and cooking for us before. My new job on the truck is running the bar along with Ian (god help me there wont be any beers left!!) and Martin so we stocked up on a few drinks as well. Not much else to report from this bit except that Chile is getting annoyingly expensive!!! Oops I almost forgot to mention that we did a wicked trip to one of the observatories near Vicuna and looked through lots of big telescopes. Very cool - Chile has the best night sky in the southern hemisphere apparantly.

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